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Calculator± app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 1120 ratings )
Productivity Education
Developer: Tristit
Current version: 1.7.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 27 Mar 2012
App size: 7.57 Mb

This is just the scientific calculator you need. Keep it with you!

Pros and cons of Calculator± app for iPhone and iPad

Calculator± app good for

I hav just downloaded it and it works great . Other thing I found there are no add so far I think and display seems like using hard calculator ... Go for it
A free calculator that starts up very fast compared to lot of other ones. If u are looking for no nonsense decent looking calc, this is it. Sure it doesnt. Have graphic themes and etc etc, but who cares! I wanted a calc, not a dress up barbie doll.

Some bad moments

A scientific calculator follows a proper order of operations. This calculator does not.
First time in the world sine30 is not equal to 0,5 or tan45 is not equal to 1 ... Very interesting, the developper is coming from uranus may be...
Excellent calculator... Very easy to use with the convenient layout...
One of the few free calculators for the iPad without advertisements. However, it makes a loud clicking noise every time you tap anything. Currently, there is no way to disable the annoying sound. Would rate higher if I could silence it.
very good calculator easy to use and has all the tools I need recommend to all